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Data Networking & Security Solutions at Rates You Can Afford

Keep your business in business with Quantum Broadband Solutions. We offer data networking and cloud services in Tallahassee, Florida and surrounding areas.

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Data Networking

Many systems are overwhelmed with the significant volume of data that comes to them through the Internet. Our networking packages have been specifically designed for companies using large amounts of data, and include storage, security, backup, and transport. This is particularly great for research, finance, medical, and healthcare companies, as well as government agencies.

Cloud Services

Our state-of-the-art, virtualized cloud has been designed specifically with small and medium size businesses in mind. Adopt emerging technology in the most economic fashion possible through:

Software as a Service | Tailored Cloud Computing Platforms | Infrastructure as a Service | Security as a Service | Cloud Voice Services

Internet Connections

For individual and commercial users with extensive data demands who need a reliable, secure connection, we offer high-speed broadband Internet connections. We specialize in fiber optics, providing homes and offices over the last mile the infrastructure and support necessary for maximum speed.

Data Centers

Quantum Broadband Solutions connects you with world-class regional and national Internet hubs for advanced functionality, reliability, and sustainability. These services are needed for redundancy and reliability, as well as to connect to commercial partners around the globe.

Managed Services

We work closely with corporate information officers and managers to streamline the management of data and internal info electronically. Our services include:

Hosting & Management of Internet Applications | Hosting of Data Management | Security | Storage | Data Recovery | System Backups